Can upload my YouTube video here?


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Yes you can upload it here. When uploading, you give the details (URL) of your YouTube video and if they want to take exclusive management of it you authorise them to do so. You can have it on both websites.
What if I have a monetized YouTube Channel Then How Does That Conflict? Does YouTube Allow This Also I have multiple channels My Main Channel Is Monetized


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CAUTION! If you upload your monetized video on Rumble, after a couple of weeks after they will be accepted (if), you will receive a notification for YT, that your video is in conflict with Rumble inc. . And that's pretty normal, as long as you accept exclusive management.
So are monetized videos ok to upload?


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Hi my video is pending what is that mean?That my video is not visible yet ? thanks
It means it has either not yet been analyzed by the system, or that it has been given limited status and is waiting for your approval to accept that. Idf you have received limited , you should have an email stating that and asking if you want to accept limited status or not.