Can upload my YouTube video here?

Hi to all
I am new here and I have a question. I have a YouTube channel and I would like to know am I able to upload my YouTube videos in Rumble also?
Do I get any problem if I upload it? or Its fine?
Thanks in advance.
Yes you can upload it here. When uploading, you give the details (URL) of your YouTube video and if they want to take exclusive management of it you authorise them to do so. You can have it on both websites.
You can upload anything onto rumble. They will then screen it to see if they are happy with the content and quality etc. Up to you what you think is best.
bacckstop, are you saying that if i upload on non-exclusive, they can ask to take exclusive because they see potential in it ?
CAUTION! If you upload your monetized video on Rumble, after a couple of weeks after they will be accepted (if), you will receive a notification for YT, that your video is in conflict with Rumble inc. . And that's pretty normal, as long as you accept exclusive management.
Correct! The problem is, that many of us would contest the decision at first sight, and thereby go in a conflict with YT and Rumble. I was just trying to expose the fact, therewith we could avoid later the tons of messages on this topic.
So I am still a little confused here. I have videos on youtube. I upload the same videos here on Rumble. While the video is uploading there is a section that says (Please provide your YouTube video URL (if it exists). I do not fill this in yet Rumble uploads in onto youtube anyway and I loose my monetize feature. I was under the impression that if I did not give them the URL that they would not add it to there youtube account. In some cases I get way more views with the same video on my channel thus gaining more monitization $.

It was also unclear for me, so I asked them. The thing is, that anyway you post it or not (the link), if you have the video on YT, you will loose the monetization right on it. The thing is, that Rumble concentrates all the copies of your video (if there exist any), that means also yours, and monetize all of them for you.
Thanks again cseh, I may upload some other vids I previously added to youtube a few years ago that stopped receiving views. Good way to wake them back up and possibly earn some cash in the meantime.


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Uploading videos here that you have on YouTube will create a copyright on your monetized copy, by Rumble. They take 10% of YOUR earnings from views on your YouTube version. It's not likely to ever amount to a lot of revenue lost, unless you have a huge following.
Now, after the YouTube policy changes, few of us actually have the ability to earn money on YouTube channels anyway.
What you get by allowing exclusive management is promotion on all the third party sites, Rumble platform AND their Rumble Viral YouTube channel with 441,000 subscribers. It's going to be extremely rare for the cost to ever exceed the gain for you as a creator. I haven't had it happen yet, even after 425 uploads.
Also, leaving out the URL won't make a difference because the content on your channel will be recognized and claimed. Why not just make it easier and include it at upload time?
It's an individual decision, but I don't ever see the benefit to choosing anything but exclusive management.
Also, don't dispute the copyright claim on YouTube as I believe it can mess with the Rumble Viral YouTube channel standing.