Can Rumble Battles Do Stuff Other Than Just Video?


New member
Hi everyone,

I am mainly an image creator, rather than a video creator per se. What I create is paintings, abstract art, and photography. I also create unique sounds and post them on places like Soundcloud, etc. And sometimes original music.

I feel like the Rumble Video Battles app has very unique potential, for three reasons: 1) High pay rate, 2) the way you can swipe left and right to curate content and get paid tickets for it to win money, and 3) the manual approval process looking for quality and copyright. I like that. But, given I see such potential, I also see it as a competitor against image and audio platforms like Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, DeviantArt, and SoundCloud for original images and audio. And you know how said platforms pay much less.

I just wanted to post this out there to get a general consesnus about it.

Anyway, have a good week!