Came over because of Dan B.

Dan Bongino is the man who does his best to deliver truth When Dan recommended Rumble as a safe site i did not hesitate to recommend to our thousands of followers world wide. God bless all who are in this fight. It takes blood sweat and tears to be a winner in times like these. God bless you all.


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Be strong Mr. Dan B. - God has a plan for all of us and you have to to trust in him! As a retired Army vet I had breast cancer twice, five surgeries in three years and by the grace of God I'm still here because of the love of my incredible husband, Girls, Family, Friends, and the good Lord : )
You touch so many people that appreciate the path to chose providing courage, enlightenment, and laughter (so important)!!
One day at a time!! Thank you for all you, Paula, and Joe do!


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