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Oh I see what you mean Dave. Best of luck with your new videos! @cdngreenwaterdiver I think they did away with that approval rating thing as it is not visible anywhere on the site . I don't think it was that important and really had little to do with your chances for full promotion. You either have a "hit" or you don't.
@DavidMcNab @cdngreenwaterdiver we've removed approval rating as we realized we had to rework the algorithm.
I can keep you in the loop if we decide to re-release the approval rating.

@DavidMcNab I wanted to confirm whether the chart you're looking for is the stats and analytics chart that provides the ability to display by past 7 days or 30 days earnings. Or if you're looking for the video transactions page. Please let me know as we know how these tools can be very useful for our creators and want to ensure it's accessibility.

Thank you and I look forward to your feedback!


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Thanks Tiffany. On my phone app, there used to be a button that would show earnings for the last day, 7 days, 30 days, all time etc.
I could watch the earnings and then look to see where they were coming from by viewing "last 7 days". I can now see that info through a slightly longer process by looking at the "stats and analytics", but that's only available on the PC as far as I can tell.
@cdngreenwaterdiver you are correct about that. Also, the bigger the site gets, the more competition we all have so we had better get busy. I haven't had much time to create but now that I have invested in a decent editing program, I hopefully can come up with some more material. Best of luck to all of us!


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I notice that there seems to be a few different approaches to earning. Some of us "wait" for a video opportunity and then upload it and hope for big money.
Others try to record a lot and then make numerous videos.
I find that it has been working well for me to upload a steady stream. As Winkeldinkel says, some are hits, but I'm often surprised at what gets attention and what doesn't. Some of my "best works" take me many hours to create and they get diddleysquat for views.
And others that are easy edits have made me a few hundred when I didn't expect it.
The lesson for me is that it's unpredictable. Within reason, upload anything that seems worth trying.
I also think that it's good to try for variety, even though I'll confess to having a lot more animal content than anything else.
An added bonus is that I'm learning all sorts of cool (but maybe useless) facts about what I'm filming because of the requirement for a narrative.
So I'm getting smarts and dollars at the same time. ;)
one thing i forgot to ask/mention. Not really pertaining to this blog, but is anyone else noting very minimal to no income added to totals in the last couple months. Mine have incresed zero over the last 2 months, but when looking at views etc, those are show
ing some ok numbers.

@cdngreenwaterdiver I bought a video editing program called Movavi. It's very easy to use and the reason I got it was to restore some old home movie files that I had on my computer. They were from the early 60's so of course they were washed out looking and not very sharp. I was able to use the enhancement feature and it really made those old movies look a lot sharper and it brought back the colors. It is a good basic editor, has titles, effects,soundtrack all the usual things but the price is what sold me-(since I'm on a budget) they make programs for windows and mac as well. I should be able to use it for future rumble videos.