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I've been getting information from many sources, and it seems to me that there are less than 30 individuals who report truth.
Dan Bongino has become a ferocious fighter against the lying, corrupted, treasonous Marxist, and evil to the core left. I remember watching Dan on Infowars with Alex Jones, but he never throws infowars a bone. Info Wars and their whole team, Q, BlackConservative patriot, RedPill78, intheMatrixxx, BardsofWar, Justinformedtalk, AndWeKnow, Prayingmedic, X22Report. Are a few that if watched paint the big picture of the evil thats going on. Another great deep dive, and i mean deep is, IPOT In Pursuit of Truth goes deep into rabbit holes, he like a xray. I remember when Q warned many would become faint, sick, extremely angry, not the exact words. The Great Awakening has caused me to loose sleep awakening me to the depravity of low some human beings have become. Pedophiles, and the grooming of children is just the tip. Adreanochrome, and the process of obtaining it has made me realize that the death penalty needs to be administered quickly to those convicted of harming children. What about this " Drag Queen Story time " going on in society, and the parents that ooze joy bringing their children to this sick fucking satanic ritual? God's vengeance has to be brewing, i know mine is, i get so angry when MSM's, politicians, Hollywood actors try and normalize pure unaltered evil, i feel they need to be put down like rabid dogs. Now Black Lives Matter, ANTIFA, their supportors, and the demonic fucktards that financially support them, like George Soros are out of the shadows, and the Obamas, Pelosi's, demonrats, RINO's like mitt romney, and the spineless political hacks like lindsey graham who play both sides are as guilty as these assholes that are raping, pillaging, plundering, and burning our American cities down. Defund the police, ilhan omars evil project. How the fuck did this cunt get elected to office, i can't believe that many people could be so stupid, if so we're fucked, it had to be election fraud. Crooked hillary is just a stooge compared to the evil i know exist in this world today.
Pray Pray Pray for President Trump, and this country, I Pray the plan is real. We the People need to take a stand, come together as one under Gods Grace. Everyone has to show up to vote, make it a landslide victory so deep that even if 80 million mail in ballots said biden harris it wouldnt matter. #MAGA ALL THE WAY. If you want the mask bullshit to go away don't wear one, or better yet wear a #MAGA mask #TRUMP 2020 mask. America, were in trouble, Jesus has already won the war for our souls, now we must win the battles to redeem the lost.