Biden should forfeit to Trump


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After the all the e-mails yesterday showing that Biden lied lied about not knowing what Hunter Biden was doing at Burisma, He should do the right thing and drop out of the race. But he is so corrupt and the MSM and the demonrats [commies] are so corrupt that it will never happen. One of the biggest stories ever and the MSM will sit on it to protect JACKASS Joe. The demonrat base is so brainwashed that they can't see the truth, or know the truth when they hear it. All they know is ''Orange man bad'' and ''lying POS Biden good''.


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Yes, the Main Stream Media is truly a deception trap. The more false narratives that you take in, the less reality you begin to know. It is kind of like their power over people is the repeating of the lies over and over again, it creates a fake reality in people and they stay in that fake reality bubble day after day watching their fake news and being spoon fed deception. Sad... BUT... President Trump is like a "bull in the fake reality china shop" it only takes once and they walk away from the deception, seeking the truth. Our power, over the Fake News is our vote. Get out and vote. Vote in person. Vote Early. This is our raw political power that speaks what is true in the face of Fake News.