Biden is, Quite Literally, a Puppet


He knows he's a puppet, that's what he's being paid to be. Konmala was the only one narcissistic enough to go along with the con! Before covid Trump was unquestionably the front runner. The democons didn't "waste" the opportunity to hang on to their corrupt pay for play ponzi racket. The cockroaches are in a panic! I think Cali will flip and 2yrs from now the topic of 4 additional yrs will be discussed for the 1st 4 yrs the crooks f-ed up! Just sayin...


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I find it very hard to understand the extent of political corruption and the insane drive for socialism/communism.
‘Of course, the reason is very simple’ - In a socialist state, the elite become like the kings and queens of old with the masses as serfs to do their bidding. The difficulty that I have is why the serfs-to-be walk off the cliff to their certain doom!


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What about the eye color being totally wrong? He was wearing High Tech Contact Lenses powered by the device in his sleeve, and being fed information from off stage through those lenses instantaneously. His eye color is totally wrong, and he's not fooling all of us who took notice.