Battle app video repeats


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Not sure if it’s just my app or what but why do videos constantly repeat on the app as I scroll and swipe through? Seeing the same video of this dog splashing in the mud , and others, numerous times within a few minutes isn’t right. Why should it be receiving either positive or negative votes repeatedly?


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12:10 pacific time, I just checked and I think there was an app update so I did it. Now watching the battling vids, I have seen multiple repeats still. A water fall, a guy shooting a gun, and a dog that jumps into owners arms when door opened. Mari's review channel sure has a lot of vids on the battles.


It is still happening along with freezing.
Since getting back onto rumble from my absence last couple of days have experienced the same glitches, video included from day before, some videos replaying a lot more or more than others, or playing over and over, some videos only playing once to vote on. When I have had issues in the past I have just sometimes can go to my videos then back and everything is okay, if not I exit rumble and wait a few minutes then get back on. I have a new android notebook 10 so all is updated on my end.


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When's the last time you updated the app? I believe we fixed this issue in a recent release. If not, please let us know.
No, I am sorry to inform you that the issue has not been fixed. I too and 1 other person is having the repeated videos coming up and it doesn't end or finish, you just keep on seeing videos 200 plus