Awful Playrate | What to do?


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For over three months the videos that we were posting got a Play Rate of over 85% usually. The last 50 days no video ever surpassed the 45% Play Rate.

That is almost 100% decrease on Play Rate.

Does anybody else have the same problem?

Any suggestions on what to do?


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I SEE PLAY RATE AND FILL RATE WHEN YOU CHECK THE ANALYTICS. I ALSO LOOKED UP EXACTLY WHAT PLAY RATE MEANS..Play rate is a ratio that calculates the number of plays your video ad receives divided by its impressions (the number of times your video ad is shown). Use play rate to gauge user engagement with your opening image (for Click-to-Play video ads) or your selected video thumbnail (for YouTube-specific video ad formats).



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Does anybody knows why in our case the play rate has dropped down to almost 40% from 80% in just one month?