Ask about my video rejected from Rumble!!


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Hello Rumble and everyone.

My name is Long, I'm from Vietnam and I have an account on My account is: camerameotv
I have shot a lot of different videos, all of which are copyrighted because I have the original. So I want to post to to copyright my videos and make money from them through my Youtube channel (I made my video from my original videos). But why are all my videos rejected when posting to Rumble, even though they were all shot by me and my friend using our Iphone.


This is pictures:

Please explain why we are banned and rejected. So we can provide the best video and make money with Please help me!!
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I don't think my content not funny, because i watched some videos on rumble.. They like my videos and come from animals or pets...

So I have already send my question, but hope see reasons as soon as possible.


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I agree with Ben. I hesitate to suggest another person's video is not good, but you really need something unique for a video to be marketable by Rumble. Remember that the spots for promotion are limited. You are competing with many other videos. It just means that the content of other people was chosen over yours.
A mistake that people make is to cling to the belief that their video deserved promotion. It is better to try to learn and adapt.


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I too agree with Ben. To receive approval on videos, there has to be a subject matter that grabs a viewers interest. Sorry but watching a cat lay in the sun causes me to discontinue watching. Also as Dave Mc mentioned. 'IT IS BETTER TO TRY TO LEARN AND ADAPT". Keep working at it. Keep this in mind" if I was watching this on YT, would I enjoy it and watch until the end? Watch your video numerous times before hitting the UPLOAD button.