Apple's Safari Browser issues with Youtube Creator


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Just thought i would pass this along in case anyone has experienced the same issues i was having and wonders why. I started having issues downloading songs from youtube creator a couple months back. After trying to get some info from youtube(impossible) and chatting with Apple, i found no solution. The main browser i have always used is Safari, since it is designed my Apple i figured it was best, as i always think my mac appears best, no issues with it in over 4 years. Anyhow, after a short 5 minute visit at the Genius bar in the local Apple store, the tech said" lets try google chrome,is it ok if i download it?". I mentioned having another browser, Firefox, so he loaded that, and we went into Youtube and i made my way into creator studio ,chose an audi song randomly ,clicked "download" and poof, like magic it bounced right into my downloads folder. Problem solved, Safari is the issue. The tech explained there is obviously a glitch in the compatability, most likely after an update, but they will find it and fix the issue....sometime". I was relieved, these guys always seem to know the answer, as simple as it was i overlooked trying another browser, but i did try finding out what the heck was going on. Anyhow, hope this helps someone out there from pulling their hair out .