AOL Numbers

Hi @johnny3 Armin recruited me too and has always be very helpful and responsive to my emails. I haven't contacted him lately, but I suspect that I would still get the same level of high service as in the past. I think our expectations regarding "VIEWS" need to be adjusted and we simply need to hope that we are appropriately compensated based upon our individual videos performance. We need to rely upon and trust Rumble to give each person their fair share, whatever that happens to be and whenever it happens to show up. My views have gone down and gone up without explanation, but we also need to remember that we aren't paid for every view. Without Rumble's "PUSH" most of the videos being uploaded receive very few views (less than 10). If THEY stop pushing a video, it's likely to NOT receive many more views. The Rumble accounting process is not clear, the reporting is confusing and the payments are not timely, BUT, I still feel that everyone at Rumble Video has good intentions. TRUST, because you have no way to verify. ;) I believe that Rumble Video is currently overwhelmed and under staffed for their rapid growth and success. That's a good thing for everyone. Good luck and best wishes always!
Thanks Yates13. It doesn't seem like there being honest. One of my videos got 354,000 views in apron 9 weeks then not one single hit since. its been 13 weeks and the sent me $4.55 to my pay pay account. How does that work. they said 90-120 days.
Well, it's more complicated than you would think.

First of all: how many of your views are off YT? That's the first big question. Second. If the majority of your views comes from YT, how many did you had before uploading it to Rumble? And so on, and so on. If you want some more details, than send me exact data, print screens and all that stuff, in a PM, and I will try to look after.

So, this are 2 images of before and after, of views loos from AOL, but Yahoo as well.
You can see that YT and Rumble views increased, but the other 2 decreased. Now that we actually have an image proof of almost one month apart, let's see if Rumble or AOL can find the BUG.
<a href='' target='_blank'><img src='' border='0' alt="Screen Shot 2015 07 15 at 11 02 50" /></a>

<a href='' target='_blank'><img src='' border='0' alt="Screen Shot 2015 08 09 at 13 56 58" /></a>