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Hi everyone,

If you are able to provide screenshots or any sort of evidence to back up the view claims, we are happy to try and speak to AOL and see what the problems might be. Please post them in this thread. Thanks!
So, I will start then:

<a href='' target='_blank'><img src='' border='0' alt="Screen Shot 2015 03 29 at 23 44 25" /></a>

Here, both the videos had 800+ views. Funny though, the first one just shows again the right number, the second is still far below.

<a href='' target='_blank'><img src='' border='0' alt="Screen Shot 2015 03 29 at 23 44 47" /></a>

This one had way over 1000. It only shows now 200+.

<a href='' target='_blank'><img src='' border='0' alt="Screen Shot 2015 03 29 at 23 45 11" /></a>
And here, well this is my biggest lost. It first was over 40k. Than dropped bellow 20K. Made up to 27-28K, now again dropped bellow 15K.

I hope you can get an answer from them.
How do you add a screenshot? Dragging and dropping isn't working for me and I don't see any buttons other than preview, save draft, and post comment.

Either way, at least for now, my AOL numbers are back up to what they should be at 261K. Hopefully everyone else's gets corrected in the same fashion and it stays that way. I will still post screen grabs if they are needed, I just need to know how :)
Well, I posted some above, but it seems that more or less the SECOND drop is now back to normal. Still, if you search a bit on the forum, some users like @ThrowbackHomeVideos, @bernmichelle and myself, reported an other drop a while ago, that actually halved all the views. Those are still gone...

I think we don't really have images with the original stand, as long as somebody dosen't make print screens regularly.


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@cseh I see on your pictures that you do have Microsoft numbers (MSN) of viewers. My sold videos only show not available. When did you get the numbers?
Well, you can see only on my first two videos. Those are from July and August last year. Since then I also have not available. (see other pictures)


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@CKeane When you click on "profile" you see a menu. Click on "all videos"(under the tab videos) Now you see your videos. There is a green "total views" button at the right. When you click on that button you can see the views till now on Rumble, Youtube, Yahoo etc. Hope this is what you meant.


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I'm a year on Rumble now and I've never seen MSN views on my videos. I can't tell you what the rate is. Maybe somebody else here in this community?
Well, I have only 2 extremas on MSN (70K and 2K), so I can't really figure it out, but about one thing I am sure. From all the 3, Yahoo has the smallest rate/1K.
i spoke to Armin from rumble a few months ago about the over all numbers decreasing. there is something weird going on with this site. our video Kitten refuses puppy onto bed got 354,000 very quickly then just stopped getting any , not even one view for months then after i brought it up numbers changed increased and decreased several times before and after. its been over 120 and i got a $4.55 payment. Its doesn't work the way Armin explained to us. I sent him a message over a week or 2 ago about the payments and got no response back still today. its very odd that the numbers decrease not just from aol. it would be nice for someone to explain. I don't have much good to say about rumble anymore since nobody from the company has gotten back to us to explain