AOL Numbers

My video of my daughter giving my dog a bath was featured on AOL's front page for a long time and is still doing well there. My numbers showed over 400,000 for this video on AOL and today that number was cut in half! What is going on?


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Are the numbers being sliced in half only on Rumble's counters or on AOL's counters or both? Our counters should be pulling the numbers directly from AOL, so if AOL made an adjustment, we can't do anything about it. But if you are seeing a discrepancy between AOL's number and Rumble's number, we can fix that.

Let me know.
They were changed on both. I am hoping you have a way of verifying because they were very large discrepancies. Thanks for being on top of it!
@chrisrumble I see it on AOL as well. But a 50% reporting discrepancy is pretty severe, especially in @brenmichelle 's case with losing 200k views in a blink. Even if the numbers are accurate, it sucks that they originally over-reported them by so much in the first place.

And the fact that it has occurred to multiple users at roughly the same rate is odd too.


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There is nothing we can do if AOL makes a change, we do not control those websites/companies, nor do we know what happened.
Did/can you inquire to AOL regarding what happened? If this happened across the board, I am sure Rumble has an incentive to ensure there wasn't a mistake.
Hey guys. I just noticed a huge drop in AOL numbers on my first big hit video. It went from over 200,000 to just 147 (basically zero). Check your AOL stats and let everyone know if you have any similar issues. I hope it's a glitch otherwise something shady is going on since the video has hundreds of Facebook shares and less than a third of that in views which is impossible. Let me know if you find anything weird and speak up. Thanks!
I am always seeing my AOL numbers go down from one day to the next...I never get my hopes up on them....I am thinking maybe they are differentiating monetized vs not monetized (maybe they aren't counting the views that don't come with ads?
Can you give a link to the actual video on AOL? You should check there. If the views are also down, then it's from AOL, and Rumble has nothing to do with it.

I check every day my views, and I must say, that beside the bigger drop when all the AOL views were halved, everything is just fine.
@cseh_17 I can't link it at the moment but yes, the aol video shows only 147 views despite having more than 1,000 shares, a bunch of comments, and likes. If this is the real number they are trying to report then it's BS. From 200,000 shown for the last six months to basically zero overnight. All on a video that did 400,000 on Yahoo, 50,000 on Microsoft, and nearly 6,000,000 on YouTube.

"Only 147 people watched your video, oh but they did share it more than a thousand times on FB..." - AOL

I sent an email to Rumble so we'll see what they have to say. I know they "don't have any control over it" but they are out money too, especially if AOL is intentionally crushing view counts. I guess we'll see if the money comes in and still reflects the high view count. Maybe AOL is who is holding up all the October payments.


L.E. OK! Now that is really strange. I just checked again my videos, and at some i completely LOST all my AOL views. I have 2 videos with 1 and 5 AOL views, and an other that did first 40K on AOL, was halved last time, then climbed again to 24K, now it shows 14k.
Something stinks in the middle!
I just checked my other bigger videos, ones that were featured on the front page of AOL for 2 or more days. One shows 327 views. Absolutely, crazy, many friends sent me the link to these videos as they went into work and found the video on the front page. Lots of views are definitely unaccounted for as it stands now, no question. Very frustrating if AOL is trying to claim these numbers.