Ambassadors for Rumble


Staff member
As our community grows, we are going to start looking for ambassadors for Rumble. If you think you qualify as an ambassador or moderator, we would love to chat with you.

Our offering:
1. Moderation power on the forums
2. Rumble t-shirts delivered to your mail
3. Direct communication via Skype with members of our staff
4. Invitation to Rumble events

Requirements (please include all of these items in your email):
1. Deep knowledge of Rumble and at least one successful video submission
2. An up-to-date resume (we are looking for video experience with YouTube or other platforms)
3. Copy of your drive license

If this interests you and you qualify, please email We will be announcing our selections on January 8th.


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@Tripwire thanks for bringing this up again.
I think I qualify all the requirements and because I'm new here and many others are we might get chance for being a moderator at Rumble. If there is any place left or you just wanna hire few more people. As rumble is growing so fast and after the YouTube's new changes many creators are looking for something like rumble.

@chrisrumble if there is any opportunities then please let us know.