Amazon Revenue Payment

Interesting, some of my videos are on Amazon as well. Not sure where the revenue stream from Amazon appears in our 3rd party payouts. Actually, apart from Yahoo, AOL, MSN that appears in our view counters, where do all the smaller websites get counted that show our vids?

**edit - I'm suspecting the smaller websites may be getting the vids by embedding from MSN, AOL or Yahoo. If so, the views on the smaller sites might be captured under those big 3. Can anyone at Rumble confirm?
If you will check carefully your payments, you will see, that beside the 3 big players, there is also an amount that says 'Other Profit Sharing Revenue '. This is the TAG for payments from the other partners like: The Loop, maybe Amazon, and and and.
How do I get more monetizing like yahoo, MSN, Amazon? All I see in my earnings is rumble, YouTube, Third Party earnings.


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Slewis, the views won't show up until six months after upload. Your video is available to them if you are chosen for full promotion initially. Limited Distribution will not give you this exposure.
@Slewis76 please stop posting the same question in every topic, even opening new ones. Search for the most suitable topic for what you want to ask, and post the question there. If there is nothing related yet, feel free to open a new one.