Am I getting paid for FB posts that credit Rumble?

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My daughters video has over 29 million views on Facebook and I was told we do not get paid for those. I think that is bull and they should have every clip linked back to the Rumble player. Supposedly they do not get paid either. But I am looking into it.
That's a very interesting question. I just checked that on Facebook. For only one video I found more than 30k views which are not considered. Same with further videos.

Would someone from Rumble staff please answer this questions? @chrisrumble
Thanks a lot in advance!
Since there has been no answer to my question...I am going to assume that we do not receive compensation for these. I guess it's just free advertising for Rumble.
If Rumble is getting paid, and you have a video management contract with them, they are obligated to pay you your share. If they aren't getting paid, I guess they might be getting some free advertising, but it is just as likely someone might google your cute video from it too and find other sites where you get paid. Facebook just doesn't really pay anything out anyone.


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I think that if your video gets a share on Facebook, the viewer goes to the external link which leads to the Rumble platform to see the video. That would count as a view that you get paid for.

Anyone else know?
Sorry @brenmichelle but that's just not true. This video on my Rumble account which includes all YT views is at 600,000 views while the same vid shared by Rumble on FB is at over 10 million. I realize I sold them the rights but it's just frustrating. I like Rumble as much as the next person but I do think some things should be changed.


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Hi everyone,

Facebook does not allow monetization yet, but they are hinting that it will come very shortly. We are currently using Facebook to promote the videos and get further exposure. As soon as monetization turns on, Rumble will be streamlining that revenue straight into your accounts :)

Additionally, through testing, we found any video that we promote on Facebook, and if it does well, it will most likely have an immediate impact on views/revenue for your video on as well.
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