All content is Pending for days...?


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Posted, probably improperly, elsewhere but I am just getting started so please forgive my ignorance.
So I finally broke the seal and started a channel for my political commentaries. YouTube is a rigged game so I ended losing a year in setting up a private site, Win10 updated and killed my C922 camera... Man! Been a tough two weeks. But I came here and am loading my vids and made a channel for them... and I really expect it to be a fool’s errand to get noticed but you have to just keep going. Am I right?

My concern is that my content is all Pending. I need someone to please tell me if I have missed something or if I have made an error or whatever. Not gonna get an audience if I cannot get seen...

Thanks in advance to those that can answer the question.


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Chris said: "All videos are live as soon as you upload them. You can share them and send them to friends immediately. The pending status is to see if any advertisers want to put ads next to your video. "