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Hi everyone i am new to rumble. I am looking for advice. I have 2 really funny videos that i thought for sure was good enough for full distribution.
Getting chased by a chicken. and
Twitch the crazy-sweet cat.
I only had 1 video excepted for Full Distribution so far. Can someone please review them and give me advice please. Also looking for subscribers


they are good, I would have thought they would get full. It is proving hard at the mo to get full, it is hard not to get demoralized but keep working on them, some off mine i was sure weren't going to get full did & some i was sure would haven't, so just keep trying! Good Luck


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I think you should have a look at Mario's advice in the community forum about narratives being 300 words or more. I would also look at titles of videos that have done well and see if you can put a more descriptive title on your videos. The content is often what we have and there isn't much you can do to improve it, but narrative and title are worth spending some time on. They are two important factors in approval.
Good luck!


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If it's limited and you accepted it, it can't be changed.
The good news is that you can add the slow motion replay, stretch the timing to 30 seconds and then do the title and narrative as you like. Upload the second version as a new video.
If it does well as both versions then it's a double win.


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Hey David? If you do something like editing it again and the original video (before editing)is on Youtube, do you have to supply the youtube url for full promotion? Most of the footage of the newly edited video would be on youtube. My cockatoo is distracting me. Sorry if this isnt clear.


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I've reworked a video a few times, or recycled clips. I don't think you would need to include the YouTube URL for the first video.
I don't think it has anything to do with full promotion either, unless somehow it could be part of the approval algorithm where it gives you some credit for high exposure on your channel.