Adding Tags to YouTube videos


My first video just showed up on YouTube, and its performing well.
But in order to come in the search results more Tags need to be added in the video tags section.

Is there any way I can add more tags to my video ? As the video is on Rumble Viral YouTube Channel.
My guess is that you should email to have them manually add the tags. If it is on the "Rumble Viral" channel, then that means someone actually reviewed and manually uploaded it. I would assume they added appropriate tags then, but don't know for sure.
Thank you for the reply friend.

I have software with which I can see tags, and they are clearly not appropriate, and wont fetch much views in the search engine with that.
I have noticed that even after having 150k videos on rumble channel, the views and Subscribers are not that great.

I to some extent know how YouTube algorithm works, and if the staff wants I can maybe help them with proper tags for all of their videos.
This would definitely help to gain more views through search as well, because the video would rank on different search terms because of the tags added to the videos.