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Hi Mario and friends,
I am wondering, my video has 12000+ views but the Facebook icon in Rumble shows it has 55k likes which I wonder where they come from...are Facebook likes factored in the earnings as well, I wonder? Thanks.
No, Facebook is not a monetized platform. If those people watched your video on Rumble they will come through as a Rumble views.


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Your counter won't likely be up to date for a while. You get a better picture of performance by going to: account, stats and analytics, then you want to filter by month, all platforms, by video.
This will tell you what is earning you money and you will see the views there.
Rumble has a FaceBook site where your video might appear and can be viewed, but there are no ads and the likes, shares and views in that case will not earn you anything. It does help to promote videos and Rumble which may lead to indirect benefits, but you don't get direct revenue from them.

Track a video by doing a Google search. Also, track it on the Rumble Viral YouTube channel. This will give you some idea of performance and earnings too.


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@DavidMcNab are you co-owner of Rumble? Just wondering!;) LOL
I wish! I've been a content creator for a little over 2 years now. I comment a lot because I find that Rumble is a great source of income, as long as you understand a few basics. I was lost in the beginning but found help in the forum from people like Cseh17 and NadeMedeiros and NataliaCara. Then I began getting a lot of guidance from Nick, Claudio, Mario and a few others at Rumble. Even Chris, the owner has provided me with a lot of insight. The support staff have given me a lot of time and have taught me a lot.
I've enjoyed some decent success and I get excited to share what I've been taught.
People who don't understand what works and what doesn't will get frustrated and give up. I always hate to see that. ;)
i posted my first video 19 weeks ago. it has 11 views. when do i see the earnings for it?
Payments are made on per 1000 views for videos that have been given profit sharing status It takes time sometimes to build views but if you are correct in stating 11 views in that many weeks i am guess your video received limited status. Is that correct?