A way to have videos on Youtube/Instagram/Facebook considered for full distribution?


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I understand the logic and reasoning behind Rumble's method of marketing videos and the need for narratives so I don't see the need for that to change. I also understand the amount of effort that would be required to view all the videos and then ask for narratives. I'm lucky enough to have a high success ratio now, but that took a while to learn. Anybody can get there though.
I spend a lot of time talking to people about Rumble. New users, referrals, YouTube diehards, doubters....
And I hear a lot of suggestions about changes. I ask "Why?". It's working better than anything else going. You just have to learn how to make it work for you. I see people still trying what was never working for them on YouTube and it won't likely work here either. Or they want it to be easier.

4dogs, I know you have a highly successful webpage and blog, plus I know that your work with animals provides you with unique content, so I respect that your view of all this comes from a different angle. I probably don't even grasp all of the reasons behind your suggestions. But the approach here is a really easy one to work once you figure it out.
So for me, I think it's all working well. I just tried to figure out what Rumble wanted and then I started trying to make it.
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Hey guys,

To add to this quickly, viral video sharing is a predatory business. There's a lot of agencies out there that try to monetize on highly viral videos but more often than not will fail to reward the creators properly. You may have at some point received an offer from these kind of agencies offering you 50-100$ for your content, in a one time payment model.

A lot of new users think that's all their video will ever make, and if we start verifying content before it's uploaded to us it can be seen by others as an approval and they could then shop these videos around because Rumble has given them the green light.

This means we would've done all the work for nothing, and other companies (not necessarily the creators) get to reap the benefits.

We lay out exactly what helps make a video go for full distribution, but even then there's tons of factors that go into making a video succesfull that can't be quantified and at the end of the day there's no formula.

If you upload good entertaining content that's filmed in high quality, we just ask that you write a proper description with what we knows help your content stand out when others search for it. But this is the bare minimum you as a creator needs to do, there's millions of people out there working hard to get their content noticed.

We wish more of our users realized that the minimum requirements is just the baseline, not the total of the amount of work you need to put in to have a career as a successful creator.

Thanks to DavidMcNab for helping the community realize this.