A visit to Rumble Headquarters


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I was in Toronto today and took a moment to stop in at the head office. I always enjoy seeing the folks there and chatting with them about Rumble. I intended to stay for only a minute as I didn't want to distract anybody from their work. But, as usual, the staff all took the time to talk, ask for feedback, offer pointers and encouragement. This is a real office with real people and being able to speak with them directly, either at the office or through the forum and email is a gift that we may not fuilly appreciate. Compare this with other platforms where even a response to an email is rare.
I also see how hard the folks here are working and I see how excited they are about their new developments and the direction of Rumble. The new Rumble Video Battles app is a great example. The data provided by our use of the app is helping them develop important things and I encourage everybody to keep using it. It's a nice bonus that we are also earning cash for doing so.
I hear a lot of questions from creators about stats, earnings, payouts and ECPM. Understandably, content creators are wondering about the future of Rumble and their own channels. The internet's consumption of videos is evolving and changing constantly. It's logical that we will see changes too. This world is unpredictable and complex and some of the changes may be confusing to us. There may be reasons why we aren't given lengthy explanations.
I've seen changes in revenue across my channel over the four years I've been uploading. I make less in some streams and more in others. Third party can fluctuate, but Rumble Viral YouTube has grown. For me, it balances out and earnings are very steady. No matter what happens, uploading a consistent number of your best quality videos is your recipe for success. If you upload only a few videos per month, your earnings will not likely be reliable.
Rumble seems to be growing in terms of uploads, distribution, and recognition. I don't see things going anywhere but up.
I was surprised to learn something important today as well. Limited distribution approvals are obviously less exciting for us than front page promotion...BUT, some videos, such as tech reviews and gaming videos are uploaded to established channels that pay very well, even if they receive limited distribution. Do we care if they are on a YouTube channel wth less subscribers if the ECPM and views are higher? No, we don't. I have a few videos that had great ECPM and I thought it was an error. I see now that it might have been because of the specific content.
I think we should be asking what we can do to build our channels and to help Rumble grow. It benefits us all to do both.
Record lots, edit well, learn from each other and never stop trying. Your next video might be the big one.