A VIEW is NOT a CLICK and you don't get paid by Rumble Video for views...


A view MAY be counted when your video shows up on a page of a major website and your video appears on that page, but unless someone clicks your video, it doesn't play and the monetized ad doesn't play either. Why would you be paid anything? Likewise, views that occured prior to your video being acquired by Rumble MAY be counted as views on your Rumble Account "Sold" Video, BUT, you're not paid by Rumble for pre-Rumble views. Why would you be? However, having high view counts on a YouTube video may have been a deciding factor for Rumble selecting your video for purchase. So... you actually do get paid for views, IF, you have enough views!

But, it's the CLICK that we want, which MAY translate to CASH for Rumble and for US. Therefore, the more views our videos get the greater the odds of getting more clicks, which will get the ads running. Don't feel bad about the ad, it was the video that attracted the viewer. Whether or not they wait around long enough to watch the actual video, WE can still earn some money. Afterall, isn't that the reason we "Sold" our video to Rumble?

A video that gets a continuous presence on MSN or other major affiliates of Rumble Video may acquire lots of views, but a video with fewer views may actually generate greater income. The key to success with Rumble is to create interesting videos with "Original" content which gets selected by the Editorial Staff for "Full" Distribution and hope that it's good enough for "Featured" placement. Superior placement will practically guarantee thousands of additional views, but unfortunately the space is limited.

Having your video hosted on Rumble's Website, Rumble's YouTube Channel and Rumble's Facebook Page is a good thing. Having Rumble tweet about your video or place it on their Google+ account is also nice, but having your video "selected" is not the same as having your video "FEATURED" and given real potential to go VIRAL. Having a video good enough to be "FEATURED" should be our goal with each video. Keep uploading videos with "original" content and you will improve your odds of having the next VIRAL Video. Good luck and best wishes always!