A number of UI issues to report


New member
  • The iOS apps crash constantly
  • When you go from portrait to landscape mode it stops the video that was playing
  • When the video stops playing it totally stops, i.e. you have to start at the beginning of the video
  • On iOS it is very hard to advance the video back to the spot you were watching, very glitchy and causes crashes
  • There is no timer bar so you can advance to the time you want
  • There is no 15 second advance and go back options
  • Basically they need to just copy the YouTube player functionality, Rumble is really sub-par at the moment. I’ve actually given up and just gone to YouTube to watch Bongino videos as its too glitchy.
  • Need to have an easier way to find your videos as it just comes in sequentially on the feed. They need a Favorites option so we can just make you a favorite and go there.
  • The browser version player isn’t any better