A Note from Rumble's CEO - A Commitment to the Small Creator


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You may have received an email within the last 24 hours from the largest video platform on the planet (YouTube) notifying you that you're no longer eligible to monetize your videos on their platform. Why? Because you’re too small and they need to protect their advertisers. On the one hand, they should protect their advertisers; but on the other, firing the small creator is not the solution and we think it’s totally unacceptable.

Rumble was built on the premise of protecting creators and advertisers while allowing anyone to make money from the qualified content they create. As you’re already familiar, our proprietary technology that we call Rumble Rank pre-screens your content for copyrights, brand safety and clearances. Most importantly, it does NOT discriminate if you are small or large. As always, I am making the commitment that we are here to help protect, monetize and bring value to all video creators, regardless of size.

It might sound cliche, but with every bad situation, you can find the good. In this case, their loss is our gain as we enthusiastically welcome all creators, small or large to Rumble. And if you want to benefit from their decision too, now is the best time to refer your friends who may be looking for a new home for their video and grab that 5% referral fee! :)


Chris Pavlovski


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What do I have to do to earn money on your platform, I read carefully the terms, but I only work alone
Thanks Chris Pavlovski
You guys :) 7 beautiful videos all limited distribution. We just got featured on Pittie Nation though, so maybe we arent' the "small creator" you are referring to.


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One more reason to upload to Rumble.
That email that told me my channel was no longer being monetized was the closest thing I've ever received to a personal response from YouTube.
Compare this to Rumble....
I've had countless emails from Nick, Mario, Claudio and met with them and Chris, as well as a few others on the team. The support has been incredible.
YouTube has no interest in the creators. I wasn't even worried about the email anyway because I've made only a few dollars on my own YouTube channel.
I see it like Chris. This helps us get referrals.
People will be grumbling about YouTube and Rumble is the answer.


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i myself have a youtube channel and i am stunned by there new rules !
it is not fair to little creators like me !
we got to have a chanche to, to earn some money for what you have made
and thats why i am searching for other platforms to share my video's
i hope i found the right place.
i am new here and have to learn so tips are always welcome
@DavidMcNab The problem with rumble is that their solution for the "small creator" is flash-in-the-pan viral videos(determined by them) generating income. But, what about creators, like myself, who have a small, but loyal, following who may not generate millions of views on every video, but will generate millions of views over 100's of videos?

I had people who have followed me for 2 years complaining about the ads that are displayed on rumble vids. @Mario responded with, what basically amounted, to "tough shit".

Youtube provides an avenue to build a following through subscribers, rumble's site looks like a giant advertisement with a video stuck in the middle. I still don't know how to subscribe to other peoples channels on here.

Money is great, but I would rather put in the work, build a youtube subscribership, and generate long-lasting, residual income, through people supporting us, what we do, and enjoying the content we create.

Rumble does not support me as this type of creator. I wish they did, but profits rule rumble. We see how that's working out for the United States with a "businessman" as president.


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Thanks for this feedback, its helpfuf. I will try to address all your points the best I can:

PROFITING: Our mission is to bring the value to the creator. We firmly believe every platform puts the majority of the money in their own pockets. Most platforms, don't give anything to the creator, we want to change that.

MILLIONS OF VIEWS: With Rumble, the rate we pay per view is much higher than YouTube, so you need much fewer views to achieve the same results as YouTube. We have lots of creators that do 1000's of views at time. If you share to your friends on Facebook, every 1000 friends that watch, counts a lot faster than YouTube.

SUBSCRIBING: On the flip side, to subscribe to a channel, there's a subscribe button under every video and on everyone's channel or user page. Were you looking for more of a direct link to subscribe?

ADS: If you register to Rumble, there is no ads displayed. YouTube doesn't offer this.

All in all, I want to say thanks for being a Rumble creator and thank you for giving us chance. It means a lot and its creators like you that will allow us to improve.




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I'm hoping I can assist....

YouTube might work for those who can accumulate 1,000 subscribers, but it won't actually be profitable for anyone unless they have a lot more. Rumble allows every single video to have the same chance at promotion and earnings right from day one. You don't have to build a subscriber base. But you benefit even more if you do.
I'm happy that YouTube works well for you. It isn't the case for most people. I haven't hit the $100 mark in three years.

To understand your position better, I'd ask you the following:

How well did you do per month on YouTube?

Did it take a while to get to that point? I'm assuming it wasn't immediate.

Why not enjoy the benefit of your YT channel PLUS Rumble earnings? I don't see how you have to sacrifice one for the other. You can drink a Coke AND a Pepsi. Same thing here.

Subscribing is quite simple. View a video, click on the creator channel, click subscribe. Is the YT subscription process any easier?

You mention viral videos being the only way to revenue. I haven't had a viral video yet, aside from the one on YT that prompted Rumble to contact me. Yet, I make a great monthly income and I've done it since the beginning. All with non viral videos.
Ironically, had I known about Rumble earlier, my viral YT video would have made me about $25,000 or more. Nobody from YouTube ever sent me even an email that would help me capitalize on that video. Money lost.

What support could be offered that isn't? We all wish our videos got the front page and Editor Pick spots every time. But aside from that, what's missing?

Although Rumble doesn't work for everybody, it can. There are lots of people doing it. But it's a different recipe than YT and what works there might not work here.
I'd argue that it's easier here. Persistence might be the key. Switching up your approach might also be all you need to do.

Admittedly, I'm a huge Rumble fan. I've had support, guidance, feedback and MONEY!
I'd wear Rumble pyjamas if they existed. So it confuses me when people say it doesn't work.

The biggest question of all: Aside from the termination of account letters going out from YouTube, have you ever received an email? An address from the owner, as we did here? Feedback?
In most cases, not even a cheque either.



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We weren't happy with the quality of the products in that store, so we are looking to redo it. This is why wee didn't promote it yet. I would hold off on purchasing anything until we do the revamp.


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@chrisrumble if you're revamping the shop it might be an idea as well to have an option where you can add your own referral URL on the item! Maybe a qr code so other people can easily scan it!


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I also think rumble is great and earned quite a bit of money from them you tube on the other hand I have earned, zilch, nada, nothing, zero, well hardly, rumble is really good and I never dreamed that I would earn anything from any of my videos .So I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank rumble for promoting my videos and look forward to carrying on our partnership making videos and money. Thank you!!


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@Tripwire. I've earned $62 with YouTube in about three years. Thanks for subscribing btw. I only need 584 more and they'll monetize my channel again. lmao.
I can't cash out until $100. I feel like I worked pretty hard and still didn't make anything.
I'm definitely not a fan of YouTube and it's not something I'll ever see as a source of income, however, I do see that having a channel on there is very useful.

I use YouTube for uploading videos that I want somebody to look at PRIOR to uploading on my Rumble channel. If they are in the footage, or if the footage involves them in some way and I need their approval before submitting, it's a good way to let them see it ahead of time. Sharing the link is convenient for me to accomplish this.

I also ask friends to upload to YT prior to submitting to Rumble if they're asking me for any hints.

And occasionally, my YT version does do well too, adding to the revenue (through Rumble.)

I see YouTube as a helpful tool for my Rumble channel, and not much more. Not once have I ever lost revenue as a result of the Rumble claim on my YT version.
@chrisrumble since you asked and I'm all about growing, improving, and all that jazz, I can give you tons of feedback from my perspective.

1. Control over ad content
-This is why I haven't been uploading to rumble anymore. Many of my videos are 15-30sec clips of some of the most adorable foster puppy, bully breed, and general dog stuff around. When a 30 sec ad plays on one of these videos, my viewer is already tired of watching my video before it even starts! If I can't have control over what ads or, at the very least, the length of said ads, its not worth the extra money.

2. Descriptions.
-I'm busy. Very busy. Taking the time to write a 300-word description for a video is time-consuming. Changing that description, in any way, is insulting. Changing that description to 1 sentence? Infuriating.

3. Channel
-To build a subscribership, for a little guy like us, means we have to visually stand out. Our "channel" on rumble is weak sauce. To support folks like us, we need to have some basic customization options over how our channel looks.

4.Rumblerank/Full Distribution
-This is down here at the bottom because I don't think I really understand how this works but I find it intensely frustrating. Again, because I generate dozens of videos on a daily basis(I'm not exaggerating), uploading them all to rumble is time consuming. We need a bulk upload option where we can upload multiple videos at a time. Also, I had a recruiter from Rumble approach me initially. She uploaded the video, did the description, and created an account for me. If you have people doing this, why not have them monitor our existing stuff/past stuff to see what would get full distribution and save the creator the time and energy?


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@DavidMcNab Yes totally agree with you, You Tube is just to big to even get noticed, i feel Rumble has the right thing in mind by looking at each and every video to see if they are good enough for the front page (although i think they get it wrong sometimes) hahha and im doing ok on you tube channel but mine will also be scrubbed and un monetised need 100 more subs and a couple of thousands mins watch time hahahha lmao ....good luck David