A Humble Sorry to Rumble


In my previous thread I was complaining a bit about Rumble. As a fact checker I see the fact that I was wrong. Through this way, I want to correct it. Right is right, and wrong is wrong...

Let me type...

I used an ad blocker for a long time because the ads on YouTube are too exaggerated (especially the two-part video ads at the beginning). This is annoying if you want to get information about something quickly.

This ad blocker also did things it was not allowed to do, such as blocking website elements that broke the layout of websites which caused confusion at my end.

The rights I give to Rumble is 100% clear to me and I have no problems with it.

Rumble has always been correct and I was wrong this time.

The two DMCA claims about my own videos has not been resolved and until now I have not received a response to my e-mail. Fortunately I still have the original videos on my camera (I usually delete them immediately to spare space) with which I can prove that the claims are false.