A Good News

Following to find out why YT dis this. Ive read that this specifally has happened to others. I know a famous channel on youtube, trainer tips, has been there for many years, 0 strikes, and is a simple gaming advice video for the family. One day bam. Luckily because he has ties it got rectified. I have no clue what the problem was.

I can tell you one major issue theyve had..... family channels thats topic is children are having major problems. There was an incidence a few months ago with children and perverts secretly messaging in comments. Ever since then YTs been panicing and trying to figure out ways to prevent it without messing up creators. Most times they disable comments, but many times its been worse. Ive been super nervous because my channel stars my 2 little granddaughters on rare occasion.


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few days ago i posted that YouTube removed the monetization option of my channel. It is still not revoked but there is a good news. The videos claimed by rumble are still monetized for rumble and showing ads. So, that is a kind of relief. Not full relief but still better than nothing.