A few questions.

Hows it going. I've started making videos on here but have a few UI questions I guess.

While uploading it seems like it takes 4 to 6 days for videos to upload. I want to comment on news but the videos are days behind the events.

I've also posted two videos a couple days apart. The 2nd one went live before the first. Why?

Are videos screened individually by a human and that is why it takes so long?

Is there a way to raise questions about a video not going live?

Any help would be great thank you.


Staff member
All videos you upload are available immediately after the upload. The "Pending" status just means advertisers are checking to see if they want to put ads beside it.
Ok. The videos I have that say live have a view count. If the pending video is available for people to see why no view count? Also if a video is not approved for ads will its status reflect that or will it say pending forever?
Thanks for the quick reply.