3rd Party Payouts?


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You're right Junkin doesn't care about the creators. The Junkin payment just made up for the poor treatment they gave me, but certainly wouldn't want to go through that again. I had a time where I tried them all out. Now I'm wiser, I'm more than happy with Rumble and will stick with them.
Wow David. That is a horrible story! And so the in's and outs of the story so strange and sordid. In my experience, Jukin didn't take my videos and then not pay me (in as far as I am able to know). I have gotten youtube payments through them. When they recruited me, they were so aggressive, omg. Even calling me. We had long conversations. I finally signed with them for two videos. Dude... not one red cent from them outside of the Youtube earnings. I've contacted them because it makes no sense at all for a video with millions of hits over the web this year. I just get the run around. I've asked for the video back. They told me to wait. Idk. I hope I get it back someday. Even so, I understand I missed the boat. The video has been over-saturated on the web. But how much you wanna bet I'd at least get "something" from Rumble outside of the youtube earnings with it, no matter how little clicks it gets? Just sayin. I was treated very poorly after I signed all year as well.


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I've rarely found a real connection between the platforms and earnings. It averages out when you have enough videos, but individually it isn't something that lines up.
It's a nice surprise when a poor performer comes through on third party though :)