3rd Party Payouts?


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I got my first 3d party payout in august 2017 and after it i didnt recieved any 3d parties payments. Does it mean that i dont have any 3d party views on my videos to pay for?


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So im almost to the 6 month mark for 3rd party payouts, but im noticing that one of my videos which is on AOL and Yahoo still havent updated on the view count. It still says 0. Is there a way to fix this?


My videos back from April also don't show these statistics, but I got paid for those anyway.

@Mario; any news on the May payouts? Last 3rd party I've seen was on the 1st of November, which was for the month of April. I expected May to come in around a month ago.


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I haven't seen any third party since November 1st. It was for April.
I'm assuming we are due. There is no real rule, but it seems like it averages six months from upload to payment, so we are definitely behind.


I haven't seen anything from @Mario in a while already @dawncorkum25.
@TiffanyTTse can you give an update on the 3rd party payouts? It's mid-January now, and we're still waiting for May, while June should be there around now as well. Last payout (from April) was on the 1st of November.


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Hey Guys,

I want to thank everyone for their patience,

We are hoping catch up to payments within the following week.

We'll keep you posted.