3rd Party Payouts?


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I received a 3rd party payment in June 2017 for a video uploaded in October 2016. I think it varies from person to person but generally 6 to 8 months from upload.
how long does it take to atleast see the possible payout from third party? cause we have one 3rd party that has over 4.6 million views from one of our videos but its not showing any third party earnings yet. Thanks


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It takes about 6 months in average for earnings to show up on your dashboard from 3rd parties. Views that occurred in Feb and March will be reporting into your dashboard starting this week.


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Hey @cauuthovo,

if that's the Ecpm that YouTube is reporting, then that's what they will be paying. Their CPM payout varies wildly and sometimes it can be very low like in your example.


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I started uploading in April and had no 3rd party payments as of yet,i have had some views from microsoft but no others show yet, but not had any payments yet, I may not have had any i just dont know , but im sure it will catch up eventually.


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So far we've paid views reported until March '17, and we're currently starting to pay April views.

If you have no third party earnings in that time frame it possible the videos didn't get profit generating views.
Im excited to see what I will receive for my third party payouts. I seen my video on Yahoo, but I cant see the view count. But I have got 24,000 views from Microsoft just no payment yet. I uploaded in June of 2017 so im hoping to see a payment in the next 2 months or so.

Im curious on what other people may have received for about 24,000 views from Microsoft.


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It's not easy to say for sure, but I've found that third party pays approximately $2 per thousand views. We were just paid for March so it will be a few months for June videos.
Generally, it's about six months from upload to payout.
The appearance of the MSN views so early is new, so this may mean payouts will be quicker as well, but I'm not sure.
I don't see any third party views or earnings for a video that went live as full distribution on April 17th. Not sure if it means that it hasn't been processed yet or there are no earnings. Would it still show views?
I'm also waiting for my earnings for the video that went live on the 5th of April. I know that it has over 20k views on MSN, really wondering about Yahoo! and such.