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  1. DoxiePom

    Puppy discovers bug and completely loses it
  2. DoxiePom

    Right This Minute wants to use my video, but Rumble didn't accept it yet: what to do?

    Hi fellow Rumblers, I have a little question; Yesterday I uploaded a video to my YouTube-channel of my dog stealing socks from the laundry bin. At the same time I uploaded it to Rumble, which is now about 23 hours ago. In the meantime, I got an email from a producer of the program 'Right this...
  3. DoxiePom

    Full Distribution acceptance policy

    Over the last few weeks, I found that nearly all my videos are being rejected for Full Distribution. For several I've accepted them as Limited, but just to see if I could earn anything with them. Not to brag, but I think in some cases Rumble is really missing out on things. For example: I had...
  4. DoxiePom

    Video keeps rumbling while newer ones already are being accepted.

    Yesterday morning I uploaded a video onto Rumble, and a bit later it went Rumbling. Now, 1,5 day later, it still says Rumbling while all other videos that I uploaded later (yesterday and today) already got approved. Link to the video...
  5. DoxiePom

    How can I report unauthorized use of video?

    I just got a Google notification that one of my videos that got promoted through Rumble Viral is reuploaded by a different account; where can I report this? Rumble Viral video: Just uploaded copy:
  6. DoxiePom

    What makes a video go 'Exclusive'?

    Sometimes I wonder what the criteria is for videos to go 'Exclusive' instead of Limited Distribution. 2 Days ago, I uploaded a video which went live and Exclusive without going Rumbling. On Rumble it now has 82 views, 0% virability and 2 shares. Yesterday I uploaded a different video...
  7. DoxiePom

    When does correct YouTube revenue appear?

    Exactly one week ago I was contacted by Rumble if I was interested in uploading a video they saw on my YouTube channel onto It got picked up extremely well and made it to the Rumble Viral page where it has over 107.000(!) views right at this very moment. Here at Rumble I'm very...