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  1. DoxiePom

    Happy New Year to all of you!

    Happy new year everyone!
  2. DoxiePom

    Best length of vid?

    My best earning video is only 6 seconds long, so I think it is really more about the content than the length of the vid.
  3. DoxiePom

    Yahoo viral video

    I brought it up earlier, but I'm still shocked for my video that had 120k views on YouTube last year and only brought in $7. You just can't tell, unfortunately.
  4. DoxiePom

    Yahoo viral video

    For my only accepted video I only got a few bucks from AOL, no Yahoo or MSN.. :S
  5. DoxiePom

    Information on third partycpm and view count

    My account only shows the earnings, no details regarding views or such.
  6. DoxiePom

    Puppy discovers bug and completely loses it
  7. DoxiePom

    3rd Party Payouts?

    For me, May transaction came in on the 17th of May @RebeccaStout. I assume it will be processed for everyone at the same time. Still waiting for June, it's about time that comes in as well.
  8. DoxiePom

    3rd Party Payouts?

    June is still not processed, but May is. I am missing some 3rd party revenue for some videos uploaded and fully distributed in May however, really curious if they are included in the June payments. @Mario; I guess you mean 2017 instead of 2016 ;)
  9. DoxiePom

    How to get limited video promoted

    I had it once; a video that was accepted for limited distribution was doing very well on my YouTube, and other video agencies started asking if they could have it licensed for me. I sent a mail to Rumble Support and it got promoted to full distribution within a couple of hours.
  10. DoxiePom

    3rd Party Payouts?

    Welcome back @Mario! I love the souvenir you brought, my May payments got in ;)
  11. DoxiePom

    YouTube changing eligibility requirement for monetization

    Not only 1000 subs, also 10,000 hours of watch time If I’m correct.
  12. DoxiePom

    3rd Party Payouts?

    Maybe @chrisrumble can clarify?
  13. DoxiePom

    3rd Party Payouts?

    I haven't seen anything from @Mario in a while already @dawncorkum25. @TiffanyTTse can you give an update on the 3rd party payouts? It's mid-January now, and we're still waiting for May, while June should be there around now as well. Last payout (from April) was on the 1st of November.
  14. DoxiePom

    3rd Party Payouts?

    Has anyone already seen the May payments?
  15. DoxiePom

    Happy new year 2018

    Happy New Year fellow uploaders!
  16. DoxiePom

    3rd Party Payouts?

    My videos back from April also don't show these statistics, but I got paid for those anyway. @Mario; any news on the May payouts? Last 3rd party I've seen was on the 1st of November, which was for the month of April. I expected May to come in around a month ago.
  17. DoxiePom

    How to set up PayPal account to rumble?

    @krbridges1974 Go to Account in the upper right corner, click on 'Profile settings' in the right side menu and then the option to set your payment details can be set, just below your address information. Hope this helps :)
  18. DoxiePom

    End viewer complaints about length and number of ads

    I saw many complaints on this as well; 30 sec ads for 20 sec videos for example
  19. DoxiePom

    Per million views

    If YouTube doesn’t generate any revenue, Rumble will also not receive any money of course @Tripwire ;)
  20. DoxiePom

    3rd Party Payouts?

    I believe they don't, and they only get the number after like 6 months (someone correct me if I'm wrong). @Mario When will May payouts come?