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  1. Mommy2TwoBoys

    Infringement or not?

    Curious about the validity of this site as I did find my video on there as well. I find the added text at the bottom of the description a little disturbing too, "Girl Fu*k Dog":
  2. Mommy2TwoBoys

    Boosting Earnings by 5% & No Ads Question...

    Thanks Mario. Is there a place where you can see your actual 5% recorded? Also, any insight on the posting privileges?
  3. Mommy2TwoBoys

    Boosting Earnings by 5% & No Ads Question...

    When it was announced on Jan. 5th, IN THIS THREAD, that you can get a boost of 5% to your earnings and not have to see ads while watching videos, I signed up. I also commented on that thread on Jan. 6th when I signed up but now it says: "You have insufficient privileges to reply here." so I...
  4. Mommy2TwoBoys

    Boost Your Earnings by 5 Percent and Get No Ads!

    I activated the offer... nothing to hide as far as showing my earnings goes. I'll LOVE watching videos without ads now and guarantee I'll watch more since I won't have loud blaring ads waking everyone in the house as I browse the internet with my trusty companion, Insomnia. :)
  5. Mommy2TwoBoys

    Where can I find more information about Limited Distribution?

    When someone contacted me about one of my videos, I signed up and added it. Then I added a 2nd video and it got "limited distribution". I didn't know what that meant and clicked, thinking I would get more information... but I didn't. Last week, I noticed that particular video was now claimed on...