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  1. Ab2rown

    # of rumbles

    hi, i haven't checked the site in a while... It now says "10 rumbles" under my name on the top right of the page. I have more than 10 videos. What is a rumble?
  2. Ab2rown

    remixing an old video

    There is an old video that I sold the rights to rumble... It hasn't done that well. But I think I could use the raw images and video and create a better quality video. Would I be able to do this and reupload it as a new video? or would i be violating the copyright of the old video?
  3. Ab2rown

    Video descriptions for Rumble

    how many tags would you recommend? Also, are tags seperated by spaces? commas?
  4. Ab2rown

    My video is missing from admin "All video" section

    I have the same problem, my latest video that was accepted to full promotion seems to be missing or deleted
  5. Ab2rown

    do views on sites like and count as rumble or third party?

    These sites featured my video, but it seems to just be an embed of the rumble player. will I just see those as rumble views?
  6. Ab2rown

    Is there any way to know if your videos are doing well in the 3rd party sites?

    I keep googling my videos to see what sites its popped up on. Are there some sites that are more valuable than others? If MSN comes up first on the google search does that mean its doing best on MSN? On those sites I don't see any way to check view counts or shares so I'm just curious if you...
  7. Ab2rown

    Do you accept 360 videos

    And do they work well with your player? I bought a 360 camera earlier this year and I'm curious if that kind of footage would work well on rumble
  8. Ab2rown

    How well does a limited distribution video have to do before it gets upgraded?

    Do you still represent our video onyoutube? Like putting ads on my video on my personal channel? Theres some articles being written about my video using my personal channel and im worried i wont see profit because theres no ads.
  9. Ab2rown

    Where can I find more information about Limited Distribution?

    I think by clicking the link in the email you signed a binding contract. I know that sucks, i got confused at this at first too. The rmail should have said "If you wish to accept Limited Distribution management by Rumble, please follow the link below". In the future, dont click the link if...
  10. Ab2rown

    How well does a limited distribution video have to do before it gets upgraded?

    The video now made almost $30 this weekend! Nice little surprise lol i hope they upgrade it
  11. Ab2rown

    How well does a limited distribution video have to do before it gets upgraded?

    I heard that sometimes videos approved for only limited distribution get upgraded if they have a decent performance. One of my LD vids made like pulled a few thousand views on rumble this weekend and made over $10.. Also noticed it has like 7% virality. Just wondering if theres a chance it...
  12. Ab2rown

    How to gain "Subscribers" on Rumble

    Hey guys, please sub me too! I'll sub as well ^^