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  1. tootsteens

    We are lucky that the first buyer rejected Sefid.
  2. tootsteens

    Share Train Thread

    Let's participate honestly. Share one link to your video. Participants will have to click the link, watch and share it to AT LEAST 2 of their social network (twitter, pinterest, facebook or reddit) Subscribe to the channel if you have not yet subbed. Revisit the thread for new...
  3. tootsteens

    Rainbow captured by drone

    We took this video on Christmas day 2017. (Do not forget to subscribe. I always sub back and I'll share your video on twitter and pinterest.
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    Will it help to share rumble video link to social media before it gets approved

    Do you share your newly uploaded video link to your social media networks before it gets approved or do you wait till it is approved before you share it? I thought that I will share after it is approved so that ads will be served on the page but on a second thought, I am not sure if the chances...
  5. tootsteens

    Just got it for front page and promotion

    I have joined rumbler for few days and I am so happy that one of my videos is selected for front page feature . I consider it a milestone. Here is the link to my video
  6. tootsteens

    Acrylic Painting Demo for Kids/Beginners