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  1. rumblestaff

    Copyright dispute

    Thanks for the update! We're always happy to help if a similar situation arises in the future. - Claudio
  2. rumblestaff

    Does Rumble promote Rumble Player videos?

    This is a great question! To confirm, both views and earnings are generated when a 3rd party site embeds our video player :) We're happy to see other sites take notice of your content! - Claudio
  3. rumblestaff

    My video uploaded to youtube by Rumble without permission

    Hi @boomerangsbyVic - I've sent over a message via email. Thanks!
  4. rumblestaff


    Hi everyone! At the moment we understand your concerns regarding "Rumbling" content. Moving forward, there have now been strategies put in place which should prevent videos from "Rumbling" longer than 2 weeks. Thank you for your patience. We're looking forward to featuring all the great content...