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  1. TiffanyTTse

    Who are our subscribers?

    Hi everyone, I'm Tiffany the project manager here at Rumble, it's nice to meet all of you! This is a fantastic idea, we'll be looking into implementing this feature in the future!
  2. TiffanyTTse

    The subscribers club

    Hi Everyone, I'm Tiffany the project manager here at Rumble. We're so excited to see our community interacting and subscribing to each other's channels. Thank you for bringing up this fantastic idea to allow users to see who's subscribed to their channels. We'll be looking into implementing...
  3. TiffanyTTse

    Upload Submit Button Stuck

    Hi @sloggervlogger are you still experiencing this issue? I see that 3 video were successfully uploaded today. Please let me know, thanks!
  4. TiffanyTTse

    Subscription emails

    Hi, I'm Tiffany the project manager here at Rumble. It's nice to meet the both of you! Subscription e-mails shouldn't be containing pending or scheduled videos, only live videos should appear in these e-mails. Would you be able to forward me these e-mails that are containing pending/scheduled...
  5. TiffanyTTse

    Channel profile pic rotates

    Hi @DrG I'm Tiffany, the project manager here at Rumble. We're happy to look into this issue for you. Can you attach the file you're attempting to use for your channel picture to this thread. Alternatively you can e-mail the file to if you prefer. Additionally, are you trying...
  6. TiffanyTTse

    Can't upload a video?

    Hi everyone, We apologize for any inconveniences, we've fixed this issue now and everyone should be able to continue uploading their videos to Rumble. Please let me know if you continue to experience any issues. Thanks!
  7. TiffanyTTse

    The 'total views' option on a video is not opening anymore.

    Hi @BenW Thank you for letting us know, our development team has fixed this issue. Please let me know if you continue to experience difficulties with your total views display. Thank you!
  8. TiffanyTTse

    Video Page Has Changed

    Hi @sloggervlogger and @BenW thank you for bringing this to attention. The delete definitely should not be there and we've now removed this from the dropdown on approved full distribution videos. 3rd party views are still displayed only if 3rd party transactions have been made to the video...
  9. TiffanyTTse

    Editors picks

    @Tripwire They would be Rumble views, but since editor picks are high performing videos there's a very good chance the video would be uploaded the Rumble YouTube channel as well which will pull in additional YT views and earnings!
  10. TiffanyTTse

    What doest it mean when it shows Rumbling on video before getting approved?

    After uploading and selecting your licensing option, videos get placed into a queue. In this queue an automated technology dubbed ‘Rumble Rank’ makes a decision on the value and virality of the content you uploaded, and if our Rumble Rank ‘likes’ the content, it will be sent to our newsroom for...
  11. TiffanyTTse

    Editors picks

    @Tripwire @RebeccaStout A combination of performance and quality of the video determines which videos get pushed to Editor's picks. Our content team and Rumble Rank algorithm help determine these factors. I hope this helps clarify!
  12. TiffanyTTse


    Hi Jen, You can absolutely upload videos that aren't on Rumble to YouTube, YouTube won't know if they are Rumble videos as they don't filter for copyright infringements. If you upload an existing Rumble video to YouTube we can claim the views for you as well. If you upload your videos to...
  13. TiffanyTTse

    Very frustrating....

    @BerryNiceJo I've reached out to you via e-mail. Please let me know if you are missing a response. Thanks!
  14. TiffanyTTse

    Very frustrating....

    @jnrgreenscapes what seems to be the problem? We're happy to help, please feel free to reach out to us at!
  15. TiffanyTTse

    Boost Your Earnings by 5 Percent and Get No Ads!

    @DavidMcNab @cdngreenwaterdiver we've removed approval rating as we realized we had to rework the algorithm. I can keep you in the loop if we decide to re-release the approval rating. @DavidMcNab I wanted to confirm whether the chart you're looking for is the stats and analytics chart that...
  16. TiffanyTTse

    Boost Your Earnings by 5 Percent and Get No Ads!

    Hi Rumblers, We are happy to announce that starting today our registered users will be able to watch Rumble videos ad-free. After lengthy consideration, we feel this serves our audience better as it allows them to access our content instantly and transparently. Please note, this only applies...
  17. TiffanyTTse

    DELETE button for limited distribution has been REMOVED!

    @einsteinparrot your video license has been updated!
  18. TiffanyTTse

    DELETE button for limited distribution has been REMOVED!

    @einsteinparrot We're looking into this, I'll let you know when your video has been switched out of limited distribution. Thank you for your patience!
  19. TiffanyTTse

    Understanding how the new Rumble works.

    @lasse I'm PMing you, please check your community inbox!
  20. TiffanyTTse

    How to Delete a Comment

    @jandjacres we've deleted all the spammed comments under your video, thanks for letting us know! We're currently in the process of implementing new processes to help us eliminate spamming on Rumble. Stay tuned!