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  1. DavidRaffaele

    Videos not uploading at all tonight?

    Hi Guys, Is anyone else experiencing any issues uploading today? I’ve tried different videos on both my Phone, iPad and PC but the videos don’t seem to be uploading at all... the % uploaded doesn’t come up at all, and the screen says uploading but seems like nothing is happening? Just me?
  2. DavidRaffaele

    Please Check out our Channel and Subscribe :)

    Hi Everyone, We've been on here for a little while but finding it hard to find other channels and get subscribers to ours. Please check out our channel and subscribe if you like. Leave your link and we'll do the same. Thanks! :)
  3. DavidRaffaele

    Video not pending but not live

    Hi Guys, I’ve got a video I uploaded a few days ago but noticed it didn’t go to pending, like all my other ones have. It is also not showing as live. Has anyone else had this happen, and will it be approved or do I need to delete and try again (link below)...