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  1. brenmichelle

    Should I reupload or wait?

    Thanks in advance for guidance.
  2. brenmichelle

    Rumble Club

    Hi guys, I was thinking now that rumble is emphasizing rumbles more and video engagement, maybe we can work together to increase our numbers and activity. If you comment here, I will go to your channel and watch and comment on your video. Hopefully you will check out my channel too, and...
  3. brenmichelle

    Sometimes I can’t find the video

    On the Facebook page, this seems to happen sometimes. See comments from people who follow the rumble page.
  4. brenmichelle

    Top earners

    Are the top earners on the front page frozen too? Those numbers haven’t moved for many weeks and I know many people have earned more than a few dollars on their newer uploads. This is an important spot on the home page. What’s happening with it?
  5. brenmichelle

    YouTube payment

    On the latest YouTube payment, my highest paid video had about 12,000 views. I had a couple videos with over 100,000 views but I do not see them in transactions. Is this still an issue with the stats? I’m not clear on if payments are up to date or not.
  6. brenmichelle

    Do memes work well on Rumble?
  7. brenmichelle

    Stats frozen

    My YouTube stats have been frozen for over 2 weeks. Does anyone else have this happening?
  8. brenmichelle


    I have my rumble channel in the bio of my Instagram page @welovenewfies. When I click on it it looks like it’s been removed. Does anyone else have this problem or know why? I wonder if it’s just my phone or something else.
  9. brenmichelle

    Finding Videos

    When I watch a video on the player it often automatically goes to another video afterwards. Many times I’m interested in the video but the information on the screen is still from the first video. Is this because I’m watching on my phone or is that just how the auto play works?
  10. brenmichelle


    I uploaded a thumbnail on my last upload. I was under the impression they would use it. Am I wrong?
  11. brenmichelle


    What’s everyone’s thoughts on a Rumble Vloggers section or separate Rumble Vlogger YouTube channel? Big vloggers are some of the highest viewed channels but their format doesn’t really work with Rumble’s current partners that are looking more for content that can be put on their news and...
  12. brenmichelle

    Adding Video to channel

    I'm having trouble adding videos to my channel. The add button doesn't turn into a check like it usually does. I thought it was my phone but I just tried on my computer.
  13. brenmichelle

    Writing Articles Requirement

    Just wondering if Rumble would consider lowering the minimum word requirement to 200 or something around there. 400 is just so long and I don’t think anyone has attention spans long enough to even read that anymore. I find the quality of the articles are less when just trying to reach that...
  14. brenmichelle


    I found a spelling error and can’t figure out how to get to where I can edit it. I used to be able to do it but I either forgot or something had changed. Please help, thanks!
  15. brenmichelle

    Channel art. Channel background

    Is there a tip for making the channel art (the background pic on my channel) not skewed? Thanks!
  16. brenmichelle

    How to make older videos get their time to shine

    So I read here in the forums that many big virals take a year or so to go viral. I was wondering what everyone thinks about how that happens. Anything we can do to help this? I do love how Rumble brings back past videos on different platforms. Thoughts? Ideas? Strategies?
  17. brenmichelle

    Thank you Rumble!!

    I was so excited when I saw the $50 pop up in my account today!!!! Thanks for making what was already a fun experience even more fun!! Loving the newsletter and plan to watch all of the top videos! Thanks again!! ???????????
  18. brenmichelle

    Thoughts on comments

    I was wondering everyone’s thoughts about whether or not to ever respond to comments on your videos. I’m sure everyone has had many frustrating or misguided comments and the natural desire is to set the record straight, but is it the best? Also, does Rumble encourage, discourage or is it...
  19. brenmichelle


    Hi guys, This video made number one on ABC’s Good Morning America Pop Viral videos of the day. I am hoping it will make some rounds again because it never made editors pick. Hope it makes you smile. ?.
  20. brenmichelle


    I forgot, is there a way to get to the desktop version from a mobile device? Thx