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  1. BenW

    Liked videos

    To be honest: I'm not sure what it does or how I benefit from them. I know they are also used in the Rumble battles and if your videos wins you can earn some money (5 dollar) Untill now I earned 15 dollar with battles.
  2. BenW

    Understanding how the new Rumble works.

    Just click on the upload button at the upper right corner on the Rumble page upload your video and fill in all the blanks. On the second page you need to choose a licence. Maybe this link can help you to choose...
  3. BenW

    Liked videos

    There is not a list of rumbles and comments that you gave. You can only see how many rumble points you collected. (underneath your name on the Rumble page.
  4. BenW

    Any guidance for this newbie would be much appreciated

    Here are the Frequently asked question: Here are some rules and guidelines: What you can do to get more views is to upload or add your video to Youtube, Facebook (link to the video on Rumble) , Tumblr, Ello, etc If Your video is...
  5. BenW

    Negative Rumbles?

    Thanks! Good to know.
  6. BenW

    Negative Rumbles?

    I can't play the battles yet, because I wait for the IOS version, but I noticed that some of my last uploaded videos did the battle before going 'Live' (it was Rumbling) Does the voting has effect on if it gets limited or full distribution? My second to last video (horse video) won a battle with...
  7. BenW

    YouTube Stats Backlog (All creators must read)

    But the positive thing of this all is that I've learned who Wayne Grezky is. I will never forget this name anymore :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: Thanks David!
  8. BenW

    Short videos and lots of them or combine into one video.?

    Both is possible, but I noticed that normally short videos do better. Of course it depends on the subject and how funny, interesting or surprising it is. Yes you can upload them separate and in a compilation.
  9. BenW

    YouTube Stats Backlog (All creators must read)

    I'm glad I'm not the only one.... :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:😂
  10. BenW

    Syndication To Facebook

    You mean share videos from other users on facebook? Only the owner of the video earns the money with it.
  11. BenW

    Syndication To Facebook

    It is a picture link to Rumble on facebook. So viewers will be directed to your video here on Rumble and that means that you can earn money when people come here to watch your video.
  12. BenW

    I just uploaded my 1000th video :)

    Wow that is a lot! Congratulations! I didn't pass the 50 yet........ :)
  13. BenW

    YouTube Stats Backlog (All creators must read)

    I know our famous (Rumble) Mario, but I didnt know who Wayne Gretzky 'was............ 😅 Until I 'googled' him..... It's a famous Canadian Ice hockey player i found out...... Ice hockey is a very small sport here in the Netherlands, so it gets no too less attention. One of our great hero's on...
  14. BenW

    I still haven't got my payment

    In this Frequently asked questions it says: Cashout requests normally take between 8 to 14 days to be deposited into your PayPal or Payoneer account.
  15. BenW

    How to gain "Subscribers" on Rumble

    @Brewington: You certainly should follow @DavidMcNab. Not only for his great collection of videos, but also for his advice how to earn money here on Rumble. @DavidMcNab : Thanks for your kind words, support and great help to me and the Rumble community! (y)
  16. BenW

    Tips how to be found on Google and why you should write long video descriptions

    Yes, before it goes life you can still edit it (change title, text etc.) or delete it. When it goes life it isn't possible anymore. The description of your video looks fine to me.
  17. BenW

    No longer an "End Screen" on Rumble Viral YouTube

    I agree. This is much better now than the cartoon at the end.
  18. BenW

    How to gain "Subscribers" on Rumble

    Welcome @Brewington ! Just subscribed (second subscriber) My channel consists of nature videos (horses, birds, butterflies) and some travel videos.
  19. BenW

    Which license

    No, you can leave it on your Youtube channel. You can even earn money with it on your Youtube channel if Rumble claims your video on your channel. Than you earn 90% and Rumble 10% of the revenue.
  20. BenW

    New Rumble app - Testers needed!!!

    I dont have the battle app (android), so I can't see which ones are chosen, but I get a message that my just uploaded video take part. And that was with my previous uploaded one too, so I guess they use the new uploaded ones. I don't know if older videos take part of the battles. Maybe someone...