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  1. travelleerx

    Happy holidays, and Happy New Year 2020!!

    Merry Christmas to you all at Rumble as well.
  2. travelleerx

    My Review Video

    great channel
  3. travelleerx

    My dad died two weeks ago and my heart hurts

    my condolences with you :cry:
  4. travelleerx

    Creator of the Week program - Coming to an end...

    ohhh new program :love::love::love:
  5. travelleerx

    The #Awww -moment

    lovely puppy :D:D
  6. travelleerx

    Can a Popular YouTube Channel Benefit From Rumble?

    i think this can be discussed throw formal mail :
  7. travelleerx

    well i see you are new here , first when u upload your first video you will get verification...

    well i see you are new here , first when u upload your first video you will get verification mail for approve , later rejected or not depends on rumble staff they choose which videos to approve , you can mail and they can answer your question why videos rejected .
  8. travelleerx

    FTC fines Google/YouTube 170 million for COPPA violation

    ohhh this looks bad :rolleyes::rolleyes:
  9. travelleerx

    My pampered cat

    crazy circus cat
  10. travelleerx

    Weighted Push ups gone wrong | Gym Fails | Hasantha Bernard | Ruki Fonseka

    wooow :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
  11. travelleerx

    Tips how to be found on Google and why you should write long video descriptions

    wooow great article really will try to use some of those tips
  12. travelleerx

    New Bookmarks Tab

    ohh this is cool tab :love::love:
  13. travelleerx

    Zen is Rumble's creater of the week

    congratulations @Zen
  14. travelleerx

    3rd Party Payouts?

  15. travelleerx

    Finding Videos

    yeah i have seen this issue before
  16. travelleerx

    shakshuka Town In Qarun Lake Old Ancient Town In Egypt