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  1. nademedeiros

    Referred users not appearing under "Commissions Earned"

    I have some old referrals that are there, and the most recent one is from last year, but old referrals who had never earned anything until today, are not showing up.
  2. nademedeiros

    Super cute coati plays with caretaker just like a doggy

    Coatis look so adorable!! Don't trust them, though!! Haha Don't forget to give it a Rumble! ;)
  3. nademedeiros

    Adorable rescued young tayra loves sweet potato

    Had you seen this adorable animal before? Don't forget to give it a Rumble if you like it! ;)
  4. nademedeiros

    Rescued Vervet Monkeys love getting bottle-fed

    Who could resist these sweet faces?!?! Don't forget to give it a Rumble if you like it! ;)
  5. nademedeiros


    Hey, I was wondering if there is a way to report spam on our videos. I got three in 12 hours, from the two users:
  6. nademedeiros

    It's common to see humans photobombing one another, but... what about animals?!?!

    And then you place the camera somewhere to record yourself playing with an animal, when another one decides to show up and stand right in front of it!! #fail And don't forget to give it a rumble if you like it! =)
  7. nademedeiros

    Young Wild Dog loves to play!

    Wild Dogs are highly social animals, but this one is in quarantine, so she loves getting the attention! How cute is she?!?! Don't forget to give it a Rumble if you like the video! ;)
  8. nademedeiros

    What happened to the videos from 2013?

    Hey Rumble staff, I was checking out my first videos and when I click on any video from 2013 I get a: "404 - Video is not found" Have the videos from 2013 been deleted or is this a bug?
  9. nademedeiros

    Rare golden tiger cub looks extremely cute!

    Seriously though... just look at this adorable face!! And don't forget to give it a rumble if you like it! ;)
  10. nademedeiros

    Cashing out options

    Hey Rumble staff, I was thinking, would it be possible to give us the option to choose how much money we cash out at once? I know that most creators just want their money as soon as possible, but let suppose a person earns a large amount of money, and they don't want to have it all transferred...
  11. nademedeiros

    Rescued baby baboon will melt your heart!

    How cute is this?!?!?! If you like the video, don't forget to give it a "rumble"! =)
  12. nademedeiros

    Rescued Barn Owls getting fed

    Rescued animals aren't always cooperative... hehe, don't forget to give it a rumble, if you like the video! =)
  13. nademedeiros

    Am I the only one who feels they should be getting Creator of the Day?

    I mean, I see many people here frequently uploading videos, commenting and such, and instead, the people winning Creator of the Day as "a highly engaged member of our community" is someone we've never seen on the community at all... I mean... am I really the only one who feels that way?
  14. nademedeiros

    The cutest parade ever! If you like the video, don't forget to give it a Rumble! ;)
  15. nademedeiros

    Have you ever stopped to wonder how sea turtles make their nests having only flippers to work with?
  16. nademedeiros

    Snorkeler jumps in the water and loses fin, but gets an amazing surprise!

    It was one of the best moments of my life, so I hope you guys like it! =) And don't forget to give it a rumble if you do! ;)
  17. nademedeiros

    Who are our subscribers?

    Hey Rumble staff, how are you? Don't you think it's time for us to know who our subscribers are? I mean, we don't need the world to know who they are or our subscriptions, but for years we've been wanting to know who subscribed to our channel? Can't you make that happen? Who agrees with me?
  18. nademedeiros

    Video approved is still Rumbling

    I received an email, half an hour ago, saying that my video has been approved for profit sharing, but when I check my videos, it's still Rumbling, which means that I can still edit/delete it.