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  1. RebeccaStout

    Can Rumble claim an unlisted video upon licensing ?

    So, I'm so tired of uploading my videos to YT and Rumble at the same time and missing out on money because there is a wide time difference between uploading and Rumble claiming it on YT. I get the most hits on most of my YT videos within the first 2-3 days. And so by the time Rumble is able to...
  2. RebeccaStout

    Text/subtitles or no?

    I have made videos where sub text is needed to fully explain what the viewer is seeing or is needed to tell the whole story. Sometimes I'll create something and humorous text added to the video makes it far more entertaining in other scenarios. I've read that it's best to not add text to your...
  3. RebeccaStout

    Need Help With This title

    So this little video took off on youtube with tens of thousands of views in 2 days. If you ask me it's really not that good. Anyway, the link for it is below, can u help me with a title so I can give to Rumble. There are a lot of bird/cockatoo peekaboo videos out there that are better. So a...
  4. RebeccaStout

    Do our videos here ever get on TV?

    I was curious. I see a lot of bird videos turn up on TV shows all of the time. I have a pet celebrity, Onni. Onni the baby cockatoo gets millions of plays/views here and tens of millions on YT. So how is that I've never seen a clip of his or been approached by anyone (outside of Americas Got...
  5. RebeccaStout

    Anyone using Reddit?

    Is it working well for you? I find the site very confusing. I've tried many times to finagle through it. The interface is so weird. Anyway, I wish I could figure out how to use it to promote my vids.
  6. RebeccaStout

    Dang it. Super success on a video on YT, but didn't take off here.

    My vid is about to cross a million on my YT channel. Rumble was so kind as to accept full distribution and put it on front page (I think it was on front page, it was def in Editors picks). But it barely got over 3000 views. Almost all my videos here reflected what they did on my YT site...
  7. RebeccaStout

    Views/Plays Not Showing Up?

    I'm trying to figure out what's going on. My video is in Editors picks. It says it has 2 views. It's been a week or so. And that cant be true as it says there are over 300 FB likes off the player and I know friends have watched it. Can...
  8. RebeccaStout

    Got a possible viral video on YouTube now!

    I submitted a video to Rumble today. I'm wringing my hands waiting to see what type of licensing they choose (if it reaches Front Page or what). Today it's going up a thousand views on YT every few minutes! Is there anything I can do to let Rumble whats happening on Youtube with this new video...
  9. RebeccaStout

    EIN for taxes?

    Doing my taxes and reporting my rumble earnings here. It says I need Rumbles EIN number?
  10. RebeccaStout

    Can I Refuse Limited Distribution?

    I forget. If I submit/upload a video, and it only gets limited... can I just not confirm it or refuse it somehow, delete it ...... then upload it again in the future to try and get full distribution? Or is it all said and done if I submit/upload ut the first time?
  11. RebeccaStout

    Quick important question about auto syndication with Youtube

    When I submit/upload a video here and supply the link to that video on youtube along with it.... does Rumble automatically manage the one on my YT channel? Or do I have to allow the video to upload to youtube at the same time I upload it here (auto syndication)? Because as it stands, what I do...
  12. RebeccaStout

    Submitting video fragments?

    Can I submit a fragment of a video that has already been accepted for limited distribution? For example, if I have a 5 minute video or montage uploaded and accepted, can I submit a 1 minute portion of footage in there with a diff title and descrip? I ask in case the original video is too long...
  13. RebeccaStout

    Eagles Fan Reaction with colorful language?

    I have a hillarious video of my husbands reaction to the Eagles win. It has no violence, etc but it does have him cursing hard at the TV. Is it okay if I unload/sell to Rumble?
  14. RebeccaStout

    VIdeos not listed on my "channel"? (how do I do that)

    Hi, when I click on my name and go to that "account/channel" only 3 of my videos are on it. I'm not sure how I got those on there specifically in the past. But, how do I go on and add the rest of my videos to my channel?
  15. RebeccaStout

    Who do I contact if someone is wanting to use my video (on tv)?

    Hi, do I contact Rumble through ? I'm worried they wont respond to the people requesting to show my video quickly enough because I've been sending questions to that email for days and I've had no response. Is this the best way to do it when someone wants to use/show my...