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  1. abdo5171

    Referrals Problem

    hello everyone one of my referrals can't make any comment or post in community !! Can anyone tell me how to solve this? she got a message as you see in attached photo
  2. abdo5171

    The coach reviews the performance of his Arabian horse after training

    U must see this lovely white horse :love::love:
  3. abdo5171

    Rumble's creator of the day

    Congratulation @DavidMcNab for wining the prize this week :love::)
  4. abdo5171

    I can’t open my account in Rumble App

    I tried many times to open my account in rumble app but I can’ Something is wrong
  5. abdo5171

    New Rumble Design

    I found the site with new look I loved it :love::love: It's amazing keep it up Rumble team :love::love:(y)
  6. abdo5171

    rumble site not stable!!

    I tried to enter to my account but some times it shows that "Password salts do not match, please try again " but when I try to enter to community It works do anybody know why ? Is that happens with anybody else or whit me only?
  7. abdo5171

    Delayed views

    how many days rumble takes to show our views from YouTube?
  8. abdo5171

    Subscribe my channel& I'll do back

    Subscribe my channel& I'll do back :love:(y) when you make Sub just tell me & I'll do the same for you :love::love: