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  1. DavidMcNab

    I need an Einstein Parrot fix every day! The coolest bird I know. Definitely a great channel to subscribe to an learn from. Don't forget to dish out the rumbles.
  2. DavidMcNab

    Minimize tax payment on Rumble earnings

    I've been fortunate enough to make sufficient money with Rumble to have the Canada Revenue Agency wanting their share. It's actually a good problem to have. And it's easy to keep a good portion of your earnings if you have the same problem. Video production is a very good profession for...
  3. DavidMcNab

    Another one of my favourite Rumble channels This channel has it all. Amazing scuba footage, pets, a little comedy.... Definitely worth a look and a few Rumbles!
  4. DavidMcNab

    A visit to Rumble Headquarters

    I was in Toronto today and took a moment to stop in at the head office. I always enjoy seeing the folks there and chatting with them about Rumble. I intended to stay for only a minute as I didn't want to distract anybody from their work. But, as usual, the staff all took the time to talk, ask...
  5. DavidMcNab

    Awesome channel nademedeiros

    I'm a huge fan of animal content, and especially wild stuff and rehab stuff. I'm so envious of the contact that I see going on between these animals and the caretakers. If you haven't discovered this woman's channel yet, you're missing some excellent videos! Don't forget to rumble the videos you...
  6. DavidMcNab

    YouTube Thumbnails

    I've had a few recent video thumbnails appear on Rumble Viral YouTube as the same one I submitted for Rumble. We had some forum discussion about this recently and Mario commented on the matter. This is a huge plus for us as creators, I believe. I'm not sure if this is a coincidence with the...
  7. DavidMcNab

    Video promotion through Rumble

    Very pleased to say that one of our videos was picked up again by The show subscribes to Rumble Viral YouTube and they see all uploaded videos. I believe the promotion by Rumble is hard to beat :)
  8. DavidMcNab

    Dailymail video platform and previous unauthorized use of Rumble content

    Approximately two years ago, Dailymail was using Rumble videos on their player, without proper licensing. I understood that there was some sort of legal action or negotiation for settlement in the works. I believe that there were several content creators who would be affected by this. Has...
  9. DavidMcNab

    Video Sold to NHK, Japan TV (update on earnings)

    I had been asking a while back if anyone had experience with NHK in Japan. As we all know, Rumble will occasionally license our videos to third party platforms for television or commercial purposes and the revenue is a bit of a mystery. With about 850 uploads, I've seen this on my videos about...
  10. DavidMcNab

    Thank You Rumble! My new hoodie arrived :)

    A big thank you to the Rumble staff for sending my hoodie from the May promotion opportunity! Much appreciated. @Mario
  11. DavidMcNab

    GoPro and corrupted files

    Has anyone here had trouble with GoPro files becoming corrupted and unusable very often? I find it is fairly common and I've become pretty good at recovering some of the content now. I'm just wondering how many creators have the same issues with GoPro.
  12. DavidMcNab

    May Contest for Videos Promoting Rumble

    We're all very curious to see who won the May promotion offer from Chris Rumble. I know I was only a few views away from 1,000 on YouTube so I'm hoping that there were a few on the Rumble platform and elsewhere. I hope we had a few others as well. Any word on this? @Mario
  13. DavidMcNab

    Congratulations Rumble. 1,000,000 YouTube subscribers!!

    I started noticing the increase in subscibers in May 2016. I was a new content creator then. 124,000 subs as I sat in Mexico on a vacation one year, and it was going up rapidly. The growth has been incredible. 1M is a great milestone. This channel has been providing many of us with decent...
  14. DavidMcNab

    Has anyone had experience with NHK TV?

    I'm wondering if anyone has had any involvement wiuth NHK TV in Japan. Apparently, they frequently license Rumble videos for use on their show. I've been lucky enough to have a few commercial agencies use my videos and I have been extremely happy each time. I know from experience that the...
  15. DavidMcNab

    New Content Creator with an exciting video

    I'm very impressed with this duckling rescue. It's worth a look if you haven't seen this footage. Welcome to Rumble, Carlos!
  16. DavidMcNab

    Earnings Display

    Can anyone tell me how they get to their earnings? Clicking on my channel icon takes me to a screen that shows lower earnings. This lines up with the previous "acount overview" but not my previous estimated earnings. I feel like I'm just not looking in the right place. The new layout seems good...
  17. DavidMcNab

    New Earnings posted

    I received the usual notifiation about new earnings posted, but I haven't seen any change to my account. I may be missing something, but it seems like it hasn't updated yet. Anyone else experiencing this?
  18. DavidMcNab

    Congratulations EmotionsOfAfrica

    I love your content! Well done earning creator of the day!
  19. DavidMcNab

    Promotion of videos on Rumble Viral YouTube

    I have noticed an increase and some new approaches with respect to promotion of videos on Rumble Viral YouTube. Today's notification listed a large number of videos in order of popularity, with many being videos from months or even a year or two ago. While we all understandably want our recent...
  20. DavidMcNab

    Third part is paid out - Yahoo for June 2018

    All of the veteran Rumblers understand the third party payouts, but the newer members might not. If you uploaded videos in June of 2018, you'll now be seeing some extra money appearing in your account. It shows as cashout and then soon updates on your total earnings. Yahoo and AOL are the...