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  1. msamilodhi

    What is Views Count Policy.

    Hi Community any one Know what is View Count Policy. i am share My videos links on facebook,whatsapp groups and also email But in rumble stats only increase 5 to 6 views daily yesterday my 100+ friends watch my video but in rumble they increase only 3 views. i am share explore bar...
  2. msamilodhi

    What is Virality ?

    What is Virality because my channel Videos show some 7% virality, Some 33% Virality , Some 100% Virality, plz some one brief me what is Virality . @Mario
  3. msamilodhi

    Can I upload 3, 4 years old videos?

    we are group friends working on videos creation last 4 years in United Arab Emirates and Pakistan. Mostly Our videos is on youtube and Daily Motions Without License . we are Join last 6 Months ago can possible Rumble give us License for Last 4 years old videos on youtube and...
  4. msamilodhi

    YouTube views and earnings is stuck at 20th of March

    my YouTube views stuck at 3 November and also earnings is stuck at 3 November.