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    Video Play - Earns

    Good afternoon , To earn some coins with a video, I need that the video plays all time? I mean, a video with 3 minutes and 10 seconds, should play 3:10 ? or can I receive some money if play 3:00 ? Thankyou
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    Claim Rights - Youtube

    Thanks for reply... Do you think that Rumble could help me? I took a print from a video on YTube :
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    Claim Rights - Youtube

    Right... that is my problem :D I have 9 Subscribers ( if you can help), for that reason Rumble is my best shot .
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    Video descriptions for Rumble

    300 or 400 is a littlebit longer ... but thanks
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    Video descriptions for Rumble

    Sorry about bump the theme, and sorry about my english... I trying to understand better this 400 Words Description. Where should I exactly drop 400 Words ? On the 1ST page we can find 3 fields: Video Title Video Description Tag: On the 2nd page we can find 3 more: Who recorded and/or...
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    Claim Rights - Youtube

    Videos that was not approved for Full Distribution do not receive money from YouTube?
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    Claim Rights - Youtube

    I am always using the AutoSindication. I am not sure why some videos do not have Claim Rights tag.
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    Claim Rights - Youtube

    Good Afternoon, How can I request Rumble Team to Claim the Rights from a video on Youtube? The Video One Piece H5 EP1 does not have the Copyright Claim tag as Warlords video .
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    Views and No Money help

    Hello all, Some can help me to understand the chart bellow? I got 27 Plays on 17-08 and 0$ in earnings or eCPM. How can I improve my numbers.. Thankyou
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    Help with Facebook Share Please.

    Hello All, I am trying to understand a little bit better Rumble and I need your veteran expertise... thanks in Advance. I saw that Rumble give me at least 3 ways to share a video: Using address that you can find on your web browser: Using the "Share" button close the video: Using...
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    Videos not uploading (issue resolved)

    same here...
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    Syndication - General doubts

    Good afternoon folks, I am trying to understand this "Syndication" thing better. So far I understood... when I make a upload to RUMBLE, my video will be replicated to YouTube Facebook Vimeo Dailymotion Pinterest as a copy, not a link to my Rumble original video, right? When someone watch my...
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    Rumble Content Contribution

    Just english?